Low-Income Weatherization Program Project Sponsor

Project Sponsor Company Name Contact Name Phone Number Measures Offered Counties Served
Arx-Tex Council of Governments Hank Bergt (903) 280-8349 Ceiling Insulation, Air Infiltration, Duct Efficiency, Water Heater Jacket, Pipe Wrap, LED Lighting Celeste Area (Hunt County), Brady Area (McCulloch County)

Residential & Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Programs


Sharyland is offering programs promoting energy efficiency among residential electricity customers in our Texas service area. These programs have been developed to comply with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) Substantive Rule §25.181, which implements provisions in Section 39.905 of the Public Utility Regulatory Act enacted by the State Legislature.

The Residential & Hard-to-Reach (HTR) Standard Offer Programs provide incentives for the installation of a wide range of measures that reduce customer energy costs, reduce peak demand and save energy for residential customers. Incentives are paid to Project Sponsors, which may be energy efficiency service providers (EESP), HVAC and other energy conservation firms.

Sharyland utilizes standardized savings values for a wide range of measures (called "deemed" savings values).



Program Objectives

The primary objective of these programs is to achieve cost-effective reduction in our summer peak demand, winter peak demand and annual energy consumption. Additional objectives of the program are to:

Program Pricing

Standard incentives are offered for demand and energy savings at residential customer sites. Higher incentives are available for "Hard-to-Reach" customers, defined as those customers with a total household income of less than 200% of current federal poverty guidelines.

2017 HTR & Low-Income Annual Income Eligibility Guidelines*
Size of Family HTR Household Income Threshold
200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
1 ≤$24,120
2 ≤$32,480
3 ≤$40,840
4 ≤$49,200
5 ≤$57,560
6 ≤$65,920
7 ≤$74,280
8 ≤$82,640
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $8,360 for each additional person.

In 2017, the Hard-to-Reach and Residential Standard Offer Programs will not have a reservation process for incentive funds. Instead, funds will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis as Project Sponsors submit invoices to Sharyland. This will promote efficient and timely work within the Residential and Hard-to-Reach programs.

2017 Incentive Levels:

Program Type Payment per KW
Payment per annual KWh
Residential $278 $0.10
Hard-to-Reach $477 $0.16

Sharyland reserves the right to review these incentive levels and to revise them prior to program opening in January 2017.

Eligible Project Sponsors

Any entity meeting the application requirements that installs eligible residential energy efficiency measures at a customer site with residential electricity distribution service from Sharyland is eligible to participate in the program as a Project Sponsor.

Potential Project Sponsors must complete an on-line application to participate in the program. Approval of the application will allow Project Sponsors to reserve funding for individual projects. Applications will be accepted only via the Internet on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the following schedule:

Programs Application Open Date Application Closed Date
Residential SOP November 9, 2016 @ 1:00pm CST December 6, 2016 @ 1:00pm CST
Hard-to-Reach SOP November 9, 2016 @ 1:00pm CST December 6, 2016 @ 1:00pm CST

Project Sponsors participating in the program will be required to sign a standard offer agreement (SOP Agreement) with Sharyland. The terms of the agreement will be standard for all participants. A copy of the SOP Agreement may be downloaded from this website.

To ensure that funding will be available to multiple Project Sponsors, Sharyland has set the maximum amount of incentives paid to any one Project Sponsor (including Project Sponsor’s affiliates) for the Residential and HTR programs at 20% of each program's incentive budget. A Project Sponsor must submit separate applications for Residential and HTR incentives. Maximum allocation amounts may be subject to change after June 1, 2017.


Project Sponsors may install any Commission-approved measure (except CFLs) for which a deemed savings value has been provided for the Residential customer class in the statewide Technical Reference Manual (TRM), including appliances, water heating, space conditioning, and building shell measures. The TRM outlines additional requirements and eligibility criteria for measures implemented in the Residential and Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Programs. Please refer to the TRM for all deemed savings and installation standards.

Sharyland will inspect projects to verify that measures are installed and capable of performing their intended function. Inspection results ratios will be applied to adjust requested incentive amounts.


After each project is installed, documented, and accepted, the Project Sponsor will receive payment according to deemed savings. Deemed savings measures will be paid at 100% of their deemed savings amount, subject to inspection provisions. Measured savings measures will receive an initial payment that represents 40% of the total estimated incentive payment. After required performance-period site inspections are complete, the Project Sponsor will receive the remaining incentive payment as adjusted (up to 60% of the total estimated incentive payment).